About us

About K Café

K-Cafe is an Asian-French fusion café, located in the Bay Area, California, which was created with the intention to bring people together with a fairytale vibe. 

Luxury Treats At A Good Price:
At K-Cafe, we think that everyone deserves a taste of luxury and we aim to provide the fun and unique experience at a price you can actually afford. The decorations are one of a kind in the bay area and are perfect for all ages to enjoy. The Asian-French fusion food and drinks are absolutely packed with flavors 

We offer high-quality ingredients, a perfect setting, and all the good vibes at the most compatible price. Whether you want to head over for a full meal, or you just want some tea and a quick snack, we have everything that you need to enjoy your time here with us. The K-Cafe team loves seeing your beautiful faces and we work hard to keep you coming back every day.

The Ultimate Place To Celebrate:
We have a perfect place to celebrate private events like holiday parties, family reunions, and bridal showers, etc. K-Cafe was designed to be a versatile backdrop for any occasion. Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of our beautiful cafe and we also provide seriously amazing food and drinks for your guests. 

Perfect for Instagram:
From the hand painted murals, the signature horse, stunning statues such as the goddess of four seasons, represent for spring, summer, fall & winter; the flowers that can be seen from every angle. The store is coated in a beautiful champagne pink and lilac. When you first walk in, you'll immediately notice the precious flower ceilings along with bright chandeliers that demand you stop and stare. Just check it out for yourself, you’ll see what we mean. And sure your photos will look absolutely stunning!

What we offer:
DAILY MENU: self served only, no reservations

SPECIAL EVENT: full service, booked in advance for group/private event